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KermanKhodro Power Train Company

Kermankhoro Power Train Company

KermanKhodro Powertrain Co. known as KPT Co. established in 1999 as private joint-stock in the special economic zone Arg-e-Jadid, Bam, Kerman province, Iran, in order to assemble engine, gearbox, axle and produce main parts of passenger car powertrain such as cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, gears, shafts, gearbox housings, connecting rods and pistons.
The first assembly lines for engines, gearboxes and axles launched in 2001 and consequently the ISO 9001-2000 and ISO-TS16949 certificates were issued by DQS in 2004 and 2005. The piston casting and machining lines were launched in 2009. Furthermore, the production lines of gears, shafts and housings were launched in 2011.

The annual assembling capacities are as follows:

  • ✓200000 engine sets.
  • ✓300000 gearbox sets.
  • ✓200000 axle sets.
  • ✓1000000 sets of steering boxes, suspensions and brakes.

The annual manufacturing capacities are as follows:

  • ✓ 100000 of transmission sets including housings, gears and shafts
  • ✓ 120000 cylinder heads
  • ✓200000 cylinder blocks
  • ✓400000 connecting rods
  • ✓400000 pistons

It is worth mentioning an ISO-TS 16949:2008 certificate issued by IMQ in 2016 for all KPT manufacturing and assembling lines.
KPT Co. as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) supplier has produced engine assy., gearbox assy. and axles assy. for the following car manufacturers: DAEWOO ( Racer, Cielo, Matiz ), Volkswagen (GOL), HYUNDAI (Verona), MVM/CHERRY (Models 110, 315, 530, X33), LIFAN (X60 MT, X60 CVT, 620) and SAIPA (Pride Gearbox). KPT Co. has cooperated with reputable companies from Germany, Australia, Italy, South Korea, Slovenia, and China for technology transfer in different fields of manufacturing and production, packaging and homologation.
This company is ready to engage in active cooperation with car manufacturers in assembling and production of powertrain products using latest technologies. It is capable to provide relevant services in modifying new platforms, homologation and packaging and obtaining the relevant certificates.
The KPT Co. has produced engines that are among the lowest-consuming engines in Iran conforming to the latest national and international pollution and environment regulations.